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Most housewives are annoyed with all the clutters make the kitchen or house in a mess, and they are always complain that the storage space is not enough, expecially they have baby. Now it's a good chance for you to make a new business and solve their problem!

We have once made a storage rack mould. This storage rack width is only 130mm, so you can put it in the gap between your furniture. It can be put in the kitchen, bathroom etc. This rack is equiped with small wheel, when you need to take something, it's very convenience. Additionally, this storage rack is removable, you can make it multi-layer as you like.

This kind of storage rack is very popular in the housewives. If you are interested to buy a mould for storage, pls feel free to contact us. Pls feel free to send email to                                               skype   ritapanpyl

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