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Custom plastic molding

If you are looking for a custom-made solution to your high-quality plastic molded products, then you need come to AERO. We are the professional mould making company that offer our customers turnkey injection molding service from design to mould and molded products. No matter you are in the automotive, medical, piping, home appliance industry, AERO will be your right partner for injection molding solution.

Sometimes, customers has an innovative products and we made the mould, they require hundreds or thousands samples to be produced to test market, in this case, we will unhesitatingly arrange the mass productionl. And we will suggest the proper pack method according to our experience. Then we will help our customers to inspect the molded products to ensure the products deliver to our customers without any defects, so they can start selling and test market immediately.

In some countries, the production costs and labor costs are very high, we are here to produce the molded products for our customers. After each bulk order, we will keep customers’ moulds in our workshop safely and will do routine maintenance freely.

We are not only selling our customer a mould, but we are offer the best service! As we know international trade is across time and distance between buyer and seller, we must do our best to be absolutely make our customer satisfied and assured. We should be their eyes and ears when they placed the order.

Let AERO help you with your product realization, accelerating you from ideas to market for an edge over your competition. One phone call, one complete solution.

If the selling season is coming soon,  you need a mould company like AERO who provide with injection molding service, we will help you to produce a good number of products and ship along with the mould. So as soon as you received the goods, you can start selling and you will not miss the sales peak! If you want to custom injection molding solution, come to AERO, we will never let you down!

Custom injection molding solution in China, a good contact is:
Rita Pan
Skype: ritapanpyl
Mobile +8613666469798