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As we have customers from all kinds of industries, such as auto industry, piping industry, medical industry, etc. In order to better serve our customers, we separated our mould making group into different teams according to their mould making experience and skills.

Now we have thin wall moulds making team, double color mould making team, household mold making team and industrial molds making team.

No matter which business you are engaged in, you will find a suitable mould maker here in AERO. As a top China mould supplier, we offer our customer a turnkey solution.

Machine name: KEN COMPACT 1625
Stroke: X 2500mm, Y 1600mm, Z 1000mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 30000r/min
Process precision: ±0.001mm
Machine weight: 5500kg
Machine name: Feng Tie HSC-880 CNC engraving
Stroke: X850mm, Y880mm, Z470mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 20000rpm
Process precision: ±0.005mm
Machine weight: 4800kg
Machine name: Feng Tie HSC-650 CNC engraving
Stroke: X 630mm, Y 5000mm, Z 270mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 20000rpm
Process precision: ±0.005mm
Machine weight:3200kg
Machine name: Taiyang finishing machine
Stroke: X 730mm, Y 800mm, Z 480mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 30000rpm
Process precision: ±0.001mm
Machine weight:4500kg
Machine name: precise grinding machine
Stroke: X 350mm, Y 250mm, Z 200mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 36000rpm
Process precision: ±0.001mm
Machine weight: 1800kg
Machine name: XT-1612 high-speed milling machine
Stroke: X 1600mm, Y 1200mm, Z 580mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 12000rpm
Work table size: 1600x1200mm
Machine weight: 11000kg
Machine name: H22SM high-speed milling machine
Stroke: X 2200mm, Y 1600mm, Z 800mm
Rotational speed of spindle: 10000rpm
Work table size: 2400x1600mm
Machine weight: 27000kg