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Pipe fitting mold manufacturer AERO MOULD is a professional PVC and PPR fitting mold and fittings supplier in China. We have professional mould making team specialized in making pipe fitting moulds, and we are able to supply 500 sets mould annually.
The traditional pipe fitting moulds are designed with angle lifters to save mould building cost, but the shortage is shortened mould life. In order to solve this shortcoming, we replaced the angle lifter by hydraulic cylinder to make the mould moving more balanced and stable, and extend mould life span. We also use graphite on the mould slides to make it moves smoother.
To ensure the mould life, choosing the mold steel is very important as well. Some mold making factories often start tooling after the first heat treatment by saving cost. In this way, the steel can not reach the hardness requirement. AERO MOULD will do the tempering after first time heat treatment to increase the steel hardness so to ensure a longer life span.
For most pipe fitting moulds the cooling is very slow, so the fitting molding quality is not good. In order to solve this, we have taken a highly efficient water circulation pattern to shorten the cooling time greatly. 
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