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two-shots mould|double color mold|2 color injection molding

Two-color injection molding refers to the injection molding of two different materials into the same set of molds, so that the injection molded parts are formed by two materials. Some of the two materials are different colors, and some are soft and hard, which improves the product's aesthetics and assembly performance. 
Double-shot molding is a method in which two plastics of the same color are plasticized through two barrels, either simultaneously or sequentially through the same nozzle. By using two injection molding machines or two-color injection molding machines, various kinds of mixed color patterns can be obtained, and products with obvious color separation can also be obtained.

Aero Mould Co.,Ltd is a professional and experienced double color mould making factory in China, we have made more than 30 sets two color moulds in the year of 2018. Below is an example of the two color mold we made.

product name: two color mop cap mould
product material: PP + TPR
product weight: 40 grams
mould cavity: 4+4
mould steel: H13 HRC45-48
mould size: 550*580*660mm
mould running: fully automatically